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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hide Damnit, Hide!

There are just days when you wake up, and all you want to do is pull the sheets over your head and block out the world.

A hard thing to do, sometimes.

For some reason, religious people seem to have passed around my address as some place to visit and talk to me about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


I do not have anything against the religious, mormons, members of the Church of CHoLDS and all that. But please, 8.30 in the morning? Before I have shit, showered, shaved and shampooed? had my coffee? my Froot Loops??? that is just hellish. ON ME. I can understand your fervent desire to spread the word, but do you have to do it so fricking early? and at MY house?


  1. So, I just have to tell you... I nominated you for a little something:



  2. does it include a strap on and maybe some leather chaps?