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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harris Teeter, 8.30 PM, Tuesday....

Everyone knows I have a big mouth. By big mouth I mean, that I have the tendency to say exactly what I feel, when the mood strikes, not caring of the consequences, or the possible/probable ramifications.

Hence, 8.30 PM on Tuesday, at Harris Teeter

I told off 3 teenagers in a bronze coloured Honda Civic. They were tearing through the parking lot, and I told them to "slow the fuck down".

They took umbrage to my comment and yelled out "shut your mouth fatassssss".

Seriously? The collective brainpower of three people tooling around a parking lot, and THAT is the best that you three losers could come up with?



The mentality and insulting powers of today's youth are sorely wasted. Insults, when I grew up, were EPIC. The sheer magnitude of "Yo Mama" jokes was STUPENDOUS. Days were spent in trying one-up each other in that regard. We were hitting for the sheer-perfect, below-the-belt outrageousness and hideousness that could not find parallel in the English Language.

William Shakespeare could not POSSIBLY have come up with words so kissed by sheer brilliance.


Yo Mama is so stupid that when you were born, she looked at your umbilical cord and said, "Wow, it comes with cable too!"

Dat's Right.


  1. OMG, now you see?

    Do you SEE, now, why I adore you?????

    You’re my damned hero, bish! xoxo

    I HEART you madly!