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Friday, November 25, 2011

Getting my ducks in a row.........................

I collect ducks. Rubber Rucks, plastic ducks. Daffy Ducks, Donald Ducks. Devil Ducks and Angel Ducks. Tattoo Ducks, AFLAC Ducks and Fucked Up Ducks. This is only part of my collection. In fact, these proud little bits of plastic and rubber are the newest members of "My Flock", given to me by the incredibly GLORIOUS Judy Adams, wife of the equally GLORIOUS Tony Lane Adams.
The one on the bottom, the purple one with the COME HITHER look? That's Otis. Otis is pretty damn cool. The one next to him is "Devil Duckie". Why? Devil Duckie has horns. And he looks evil. ( or, about as evil as a rubber duck could possibly look).

More Later...

Ok, it's later.

I was thinking a lot about the crass commercialism that surrounds the holidays in the US starting ( now ) on Thanksgiving.

Let those two words sink it while I arm-wrestle some left0ver turkey in my gullet and orc-eye the leftover pumpkin pie.


Now, when I was growing up...wait..oh shit....ok that's MUCH better. What was I saying, oh yes.

Now, when I was growing up, Thanksgiving was a time of eating your face off, watching football, and being with family ( regardless if your Aunt Ruth took out her teeth and threw them at Uncle Ralph--it's family, damnit) instead of the obnoxious Walmartian Open at 10PM, 12PM, 3AM Holy Shit buy our "Hecho en Mexico/Made in China" crap and obnoxious commercialism that seems to have SWEPT the true meaning of Thanksgiving/Christmas/Saturnalia/Festivus out the door.


Glorious FOOD.

Be back later.


  1. Do you have any idea just how AWESOME you are????

  2. Blog and above comment, so true! You are a natural comedian!