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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to the Wonderland of 2012

I have not had the chance to catch this blog up on the wonder that is 2012 already. It is truly hard to believe that a year has completely flown by, and I shut the door on 2011. People were born; and we rejoiced. People died; and we grieved for their loss. I am hoping that this year will be one of promise of great adventures, new opportunities, new friends and interesting occasions. Such new wonderful technology is entering the landscape. In face, I am writing this blog post on a 2012 Nook Table PC, which is a great opportunity to love your technology ( and take it with you!). I am a huge believer in technology and I love all the technology available for use. I am certainly no technophobe, I believe in the "adapt or die" theory in Modern Business. My father, who is NOT a fan of technology, is pretty savvy for a 72 year-old man in the bloom of semi-retirement. He hated his computer at first and used to glare at it, and kick the CPU and groan because it made "beeps, and burps and chirps" he did not understand. Now he has a smart phone, and a laptop, and simply cannot live without his email and FaceBook.....

All herald the Modern Age...

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